Posted on 03:12 Hrs,April 18th, 2010 by Echoserang Pocahontas

During her live interview at “The Buzz”, Angel Locsin addressed the issue that she has a drinking problem. She also admitted that his Dad got affected by the issue and almost believed on it.

Rumor spread that she was seen drinking in different bars together with her drinking buddies Bubbles Paraiso, Chito Miranda, Maxene Magallona and Rich Asuncion. She also felt offended that some people were even alleging that she is becoming unprofessional.

True or not, this issue should not have place on an angel like her. But you can’t blame people, you are famous and should be careful with your actions.

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Posted on 02:26 Hrs,March 12th, 2010 by Echoserang Pocahontas

I am one of the followers of Chito Miranda in Twitter. At first, he had minimal tweets because he don’t know how to tweet (obviously). Then he discovered BB (Black Berry) and I think he got fond of it. And now that he mastered everything, many of his followers crying for him not to flood RT (re-tweets). Goodness! I think his now fond of Twitter! But in fairness to him, he answers queries of his followers. Nice one!

And why RT? Just read his tweet.