Posted on ,March 10th, 2010 by Echoserang Pocahontas

Ruffa Gutierez walking out in The Buzz last March 7, 2010 is now the biggest news in the showbiz. Hep! Ano ba talaga ang nangyari at nag-walk out si Ruffa? According to the news, everything heated up when Kris suddenly butt in the words “Ruffa, aminin mo, ibang level ang saya dito.” Ruffa answered her with words “Well, I know, you don’t have to rub it in, Kris. Siyempre, I’m sad din, so sana huwag mo namang, you know, dagdagan.” That was the last appearance of Ruffa on the show.

Obviously, if you’ll watch the video, there’s something wrong with Kris. She’s so tactless and loud (what’s new anyway?).

Sorry guyz I can’t upload the video. Here’s the URL:

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