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During her live interview at “The Buzz”, Angel Locsin addressed the issue that she has a drinking problem. She also admitted that his Dad got affected by the issue and almost believed on it.

Rumor spread that she was seen drinking in different bars together with her drinking buddies Bubbles Paraiso, Chito Miranda, Maxene Magallona and Rich Asuncion. She also felt offended that some people were even alleging that she is becoming unprofessional.

True or not, this issue should not have place on an angel like her. But you can’t blame people, you are famous and should be careful with your actions.

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Posted on 08:12 Hrs,April 14th, 2010 by Echoserang Pocahontas

Oh well, let’s see what will happen next. But after the controversies and case filing, I think that’s en

After all the stories and  controversies, Vicky Belo admitted that she is still in love with Hayden Kho. She claimed that she can’t stay away from the doctor because she is still in love with him. In her words, “Adik ako sa kanya eh. I still love him“, no doubt she is still in the jar of honey.

ough to move on with another chapter of her life.

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Posted on 19:31 Hrs,April 12th, 2010 by Echoserang Pocahontas

This is one catchy twit from Maxene Magalona to her sister. The words “I love you” and “Sorry” are so intriguing. She didn’t explain why but I knew there’s really big and personal reason behind the apology.

Let us find out us we follow her twit. :)

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Posted on 00:23 Hrs,March 30th, 2010 by Echoserang Pocahontas

I just found this tweet from Cristine Reyes. I laughed upon reading his tweet about Nora Aunor. OMG! Sino ba si Cristine para tanungin kung sino si Ate Gay? Pero sabagay, I can’t blame her, hindi nga naman masyadong kilala ng new generation si Ate Gay. Pero let’s wait and see for her shining comeback. Beware Cristine, baka kabugin ka niya!

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Posted on 00:22 Hrs,March 19th, 2010 by admin

It was recently that fans of Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera reacted about their super Public Display of Affection. When asked about this, Marian said that they are actually aware of the people around them. While Dingdong said they need to please themselves.

For the two, people won’t react if they don’t see anything wrong. The simple kiss for both of you may mean big time for others. So next time, be extremely aware of your love acts.

Sorry for bursting your bubbles!

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Sam Milby said that he was actually aware that his ex-girlfriend Anne Curtis is exclusively dating with her long time non-showbiz friend after they broke up. He admitted that he was jealous at first but if Anne is happy then he’ll be happy also.

This only shows that Anne without “pakundangan” switched to another guy after her brake up with Sam Milby. I found it disrespectful. No matter how bad the reason of your brake up is, you should give each other time to heal each wounds. But with Anne, I don’t see it.

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Jolina Magdangal’s new Lady Gaga look got people crazy. Criticisms are everywhere saying it doesn’t look good at her. She was like trying-hard-wanna-be-Lady Gaga. Asked about this, Mark Escueta (his boyfriend) said that Jolina should take criticisms with substance whether it’s good or bad. She can’t please everybody like a song that sometimes doesn’t sound good at some.

I personally see Jolina as weirdo. She always experiment on different looks. Decades ago she used to have this barbie look like hair with the bangs and now she look liked a rock star. What’s with that huh? Give your hair a break!

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Posted on 09:19 Hrs,March 10th, 2010 by Echoserang Pocahontas

Ruffa Gutierez walking out in The Buzz last March 7, 2010 is now the biggest news in the showbiz. Hep! Ano ba talaga ang nangyari at nag-walk out si Ruffa? According to the news, everything heated up when Kris suddenly butt in the words “Ruffa, aminin mo, ibang level ang saya dito.” Ruffa answered her with words “Well, I know, you don’t have to rub it in, Kris. Siyempre, I’m sad din, so sana huwag mo namang, you know, dagdagan.” That was the last appearance of Ruffa on the show.

Obviously, if you’ll watch the video, there’s something wrong with Kris. She’s so tactless and loud (what’s new anyway?).

Sorry guyz I can’t upload the video. Here’s the URL:

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Posted on 06:15 Hrs,February 21st, 2010 by Echoserang Pocahontas

It was buzzed that Krista Ranillo went in America (take note: she was fetch by a helicopter) to see Manny Pacquaio. Yes, you read it right! Speculations, they say, but why this professional bitch says nothing but a “smile” when being interviewed by media? She definitely wants the attention dahil dun siya sumisikat. This poor artist really knows how to play the game. Sige lang, sikat si Manny e!

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Posted on 01:10 Hrs,February 19th, 2010 by Echoserang Pocahontas

You looked like a professional slut girl! C’mon, don’t sell yourself to the public! Otherwise, you’ll find yourself placed in a rack labeled “SALE” and “SO CHEAP!”.

FYI, to celebrate alone in the forthcoming Valentine’s day isn’t a bad idea. :)